Cobranet, Dante, Ethersound, DigitalSnake

The Belden range of high performance CatSnake™ CAT 6A cables offers the highest standard CAT 6A shielded cable in a flexible and rugged design for use in the harshest environments and fully support applications such as CobraNet, Dante, EtherSound and Roland’s DigitalSnake. The exceptional physical and electrical characteristics really make Belden CatSnake™ cables ideal for outdoor use, in broadcast truck applications, and for portable, professional broadcast use.

Features & Benefits

  • The Ultimate Field Deployable Product: Exceptionally robust cables for the harshest environments, yet deliver reliable performance for maximum uptime
  • Exceptional Flexibility and Flex Life: Tested for repeated bending and exceed the testing requirements while maintaining electrical performance
  • Superior Performance: Features 100% coverage of the pairs individually shielded with Beldfoil® aluminium/polyester foil and an overall braided shield
  • Easy Transportation and Deployment: Compact round cable design
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