Application-Based RemoteIP Cable

The number of IP devices in today’s world are increasing substantially to improve efficiency and automation—and they have been for years. As the device count grows, so does the need to efficiently utilize building space and conveniently supply power and data as new devices are deployed. Belden’s Application-Based RemoteIP Cables take an IEEE-standards-based approach to solving real-world problems in applications where Category cabling falls short. Belden’s Application-Based RemoteIP Cables can supply data and power to remote IP devices up to 215 m away, reducing costs and maximizing square footage by eliminating the need for new telecommunications rooms or costly media converters and extenders.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost Effective: Reduce the need for expensive telecommunications rooms, fiber infrastructure and media converters, and network extenders by extending cabling infrastructure coverage for low-power, low-data applications.
  • Simplified Building Design: Avoid cluttering up the project bill of materials or filling a telecommunications room with media converters or extenders by reaching farther than Category cabling.
  • Easy Deployment: Install and terminate RemoteIP Cables just like Category cables. Pair the filler-less design with REVConnect connectivity to make installation even faster, easier and more reliable.
  • Performance Guaranteed: Specially designed to meet or exceed the IEEE application standards limits, extending your Ethernet channel beyond 100 m and up to 1 Gb/s.
Application-Based RemoteIP Cable
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RemoteIP Cable UTP CMPNon-Bonded
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