DCX Rack-Mount Patch Panel Housings

The DCX Rack-Mount 48P/RU is available in three configurations: 48 ports (96F) in 1U, 96 ports (192F) in 2U, or 192 ports (384F) in 4U. Available in black.

Features & Benefits

  • 1U tray pulls out and tilts for easy access to connectors
  • Supports migration from Base-12 to Base-8, Base-16 and Base-24 without infrastructure changes
DCX Rack-Mount Patch Panel Housings
Description Base-12 Base-8 Total LC Duplex Ports Belden Part Number
DCX 1U Patch Panel Housing 48-Port (1 Tray) Empty, Black Finish 9 12 48 DCX-01RM-048P
DCX 2U Patch Panel Housing 96-Port (2 Trays) Empty, Black Finish 16 24 96DCX-02RM-096P
DCX 4U Patch Panel Housing 192-Port (4 Trays) Empty, Black Finish 32 48 192 DCX-04RM-192P
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