Foundation Fieldbus Cable

Gain flexibility in a variety of tough applications, including outdoor environments and scenarios requiring multiple cable runs. Belden Foundation Fieldbus Cables are designed to withstand the destructive effects of temperature extremes, humidity/moisture, dust and oil. With the high cost of downtime in industrial applications, it pays to invest in Belden Foundation Fieldbus Cables to ensure maximum protection and performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged Design: Choose from several armor, shield and rating options to reduce cable damage and enhance performance
  • Support Interoperability: Unify system architecture for plant operations
  • Completely Versatile: Designed to work in a variety of applications, environments and conditions
Fieldbus Type AWG Pairs Extra Description* Part Number
300 V Type B PLTC/ITC 22 1Flexible3077F
Flexible, Aluminum Armor
Flexible, Steel Armor Download
Flexible, High Speed3078F
Flexible, High Speed, Aluminum Armor Download
Flexible, High Speed, Steel Armor Download
300 V Type A PLTC/ITC-ER 18 1Flexible3076F
Flexible, Aluminum Armor Download
Flexible, Steel Armor Download
Flexible, Continuous Armor183076F
Standard Industrial-grade1334A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2100A
Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Download
2Standard Industrial-grade1327A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2101A
Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Download
5Standard Industrial-grade1328A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2102A
Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Download
8Standard Industrial-grade1329A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2103A
Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Download
12Standard Industrial-grade1330A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2104A
Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Download
16Standard Industrial-grade1331A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2105A
Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Download
20Standard Industrial-grade1332A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2106A
Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Download
24Standard Industrial-grade1333A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2107A
Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Download
50Standard Industrial-grade1359A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2108A
16 1Standard Industrial-grade1360A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2109A
2Standard Industrial-grade1361A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2110A
5Standard Industrial-grade1362A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2111A
8Standard Industrial-grade1363A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2112A
12Standard Industrial-grade1364A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2113A
16Standard Industrial-grade1365A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2114A
20Standard Industrial-grade1366A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2115A
24Standard Industrial-grade1367A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2116A
36Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2117A
14 1Standard Industrial-grade1336A
600 V Type A TC-ER 18 1Standard Industrial-grade1337A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2118A
2Standard Industrial-grade1338A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2119A
5Standard Industrial-grade1339A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2120A
8Standard Industrial-grade1340A
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2121A
12Standard Industrial-grade Download
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2122A
16Standard Industrial-grade Download
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2123A
20Standard Industrial-grade Download
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2124A
24Standard Industrial-grade Download
Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2125A
50Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2126A
16 1Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2127A
2Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2128A
5Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2129A
8Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2130A
12Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2131A
16Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2132A
20Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2133A
24Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2134A
36Extra Rugged (XLPE Material)2135A
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