Open Compute Racks

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware tech and maximizing data center efficiency. Belden’s OCP Rack is an Open Bridge Rack (OBR), which allows customers to transition to Open Compute over time from current EIA standards. The Belden OBR can be field converted between EIA (19" mount) and OCP (21" mount) standards for increased flexibility.

Features & Benefits

  • Adhere to Standards: Belden OBR meets TIA/EIA 310-D and OCP equipment mounting standards
  • Easy Migration: Reversible 44OU/48RU rail kit enables design flexibility and migration from EIA to OCP equipment without purchasing new cabinets
  • Easy to Install: The OBR Rack ships fully assembled to exact requirements, including application-specific cable management accessories
  • Facilitate Delivery: Cabinets can be labeled with location-specific tagging to ensure delivery to the correct data center floor
  • Maintain Airflow: Doors feature 78% opened integrated hexagonal mesh for low air resistance and optimal cooling of hosted equipment
Description Part Number
Server Rack 44RU/40OU
Server Rack 48RU/44OU Download
Networking Rack 44RU/40OU Download
Network Rack 48RU/44OU Download
Open Bridge Rack 44RU/40OU Download
Open Bridge Rack 48RU/44OU Download