Rack-Mount Modular Patch Panels

Belden’s Modular Patch Panels feature knockouts where ports can be added whenever you’d like as needs change or technology grows. The panels allow you to swap out damaged or defective ports at any time. Easily mix and match keystones, add new runs or make simple category upgrades. Available in many styles to meet your project's needs, including flat, angled and front-loading styles in port counts of 24, 48 and 72.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximize Limited Rack Space: A flexible, versatile and high-density termination solution
  • Simple Upgrades: No changes are required in hardware or excessive cabling
  • Support Emerging Applications: Connect different network cabling standards within one patch panel
New - REVConnect Empty High Density Patch Panels
Description Part Number
Empty Panels
REVConnect Empty Patch Panel, Flat, 48 Port, 1U, BlackRVEPPF1U48BK
REVConnect Empty Patch Panel, Angled, 48 Port, 1U, BlackRVEPPA1U48BK
REVConnect Category 6A Patch Panel Termination Module, 12 Port, BlackRVAPPTM12JBK
REVConnect Category 6+ Patch Panel Termination Module, 12 Port, BlackRV6PPTM12JBK
REVConnect Category 5e Patch Panel Termination Module, 12 Port, BlackRV5PPTM12JBK
REVConnect High Density Patch Panel Blank Module, BlackRVUPPBM12BBK
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