Customer Innovation Centers

We design and validate customized network solutions that make your digital journey simpler, smarter ...

We build the foundation for operational efficiency leveraging your real-time data

Defining the roadmap for your digitization journey

Being able to fully utilize data analytics and insights separates market leaders from followers. At Belden, we help our customers face this challenge by building a digital foundation to unleash the power of their real-time OT data. With our Customer Innovation Center™ solutions, we take the burden away from you by designing, developing, and validating sustainable and secure network solutions tailored to the complexity of your unique business needs. 





Building a world of possibilities with Belden's Customer Innovation Centers

Case Study: Empowering Plant Operations

  • Belden's Richmond plant, in collaboration with the Belden CIC, develops a tailored, vendor-neutral solution that seamlessly integrates with existing equipment.
  • Through the CIC’s hands-on approach, Richmond anticipates double-digit productivity improvements, grounded in a richer understanding of its operations and equipment.
  • Witness the real-world application as this collaboration moves Richmond closer to data-driven operational excellence.

Validation Lab

  • Our Validation Labs are where state-of-the-art technology and expertise meet to develop, customize and validate the best solution, reducing customers’ risk.
  • We tailor your solution from the ground up to adapt to each unique business need.
  • Your network’s home-away-from-home: our Validation Lab capabilities can be deployed both within the Customer Innovation CenterTM locations and directly at the customer's premises.

CIC Locations Worldwide

  • The Customer Innovation CenterTM locations offer a hands-on experience of our solutions, with the opportunity to customize them in our Proof-of-Concept room and validate them in our Validation Labs.
  • The possibilities are endless: we bring the online and offline worlds together to foster innovation through our collaborative rooms and training spaces.
  • Click to explore our Customer Innovation CenterTM locations with a Virtual Tour: Stuttgart, Chicago, Shanghai

Ready to start a project?

Our experts are ready to guide you step-by-step in your digitization journey by designing and validating the best solution for your needs.

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