Category 6A Cable

Our Category 6A Copper Cable offers a wide range of options for your CAT 6A network. Some options that are available include small diameter, snake, industrial, non-bonded, and patented Bonded-Pair. The 10GXS Cable is the industry’s gold standard for performance, while, Belden's newest cable, 10GXW, is the industry’s smallest-diameter Category 6A cable designed for smart building and multi-gigabit applications with performance optimized for in-building wireless networks.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable network performance: Designed for mission-critical situations that require constant uptime, whether indoor or outside
  • Best-in-class system noise immunity: Achieved through outstanding cable balance, is less susceptible to RFI/EMI in noisy environments
  • Reduce installation time and costs: 10GXW is the smallest and lightest horizontal Category 6A cable available
  • Unparalleled performance: Full 100m channel length under 100W PoE load without derating up to 60°C using 10GXS cables
  • Designed to Last: Higher pulling tensions and tighter bend radii offered by Bonded-Pair Cables
Type Shielding Rating Technical Data
Highest Level System Cable (10GXS) Small Diameter UTPCMPBonded-Pair
UTP CMRBonded-Pair
F/UTP CMRBonded-Pair
Standards+ System Cable (10GXW)UTP CMPNon-Bonded
UTP CMRNon-Bonded
F/UTP CMPNon-Bonded
F/UTP CMRNon-Bonded
Standards CompliantUTP CMPNon-Bonded
UTP CMRNon-Bonded
Outside Plant Gel Filled UTP OSPNon-Bonded
F/UTP OSPNon-Bonded
Outside Plant Dry CoreUTP OSPNon-Bonded
F/UTP OSPNon-Bonded
Outdoor CMR/CMXUTPCMR/CMX OutdoorNon-Bonded
F/UTPCMR/CMX OutdoorNon-bonded
Outdoor CMP/CMX UTP CMP/CMX OutdoorNon-bonded
Outdoor CMP/CMX F/UTP CMP/CMX OutdoorNon-bonded
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