Predictive Maintenance

The next evolution of data analytics and industry 4.0


Refocus Labor & Costs with Predictive Maintenance


The next evolution of data analytics and Industry 4.0 is predictive maintenance: using data to detect potential problems and determine when plant maintenance should be performed.


Instead of regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, which doesn’t take system health or performance into consideration, predictive maintenance relies on machine learning, predictive algorithms and anomaly detection to pinpoint exactly when maintenance is needed.


This significantly lowers cost, improves uptime and decreases inventory for optimized output and profits.


From network backbones, cabinets and cordsets to switches, network security and remote access, Belden can help prepare your OT networks for this shift. Create an infrastructure to capture, transmit and share the data you need from the machine to the cloud—securely and reliably—to turn analytics into actionable predictive maintenance intelligence.


Rely on Belden’s in-house experts to speak your language and walk you through the challenges that today’s plant managers face. Our network infrastructure solutions give you the ability to ingest, move and secure your most valuable information.

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