Production Schedule Optimization

Decrease lead times while providing precise delivery dates to customers


Boost Plant Performance with Production Schedule Optimization


How well can your plant keep up with demand?

How easy is it to stay on schedule?


Across the entire supply chain, expectations have changed in terms of how quickly products are produced and delivered—and how accurate delivery dates need to be.


Production schedule optimization is your answer to decreasing lead times while providing precise delivery dates to customers.


By enhancing your schedule and workloads, improving processes and reducing waste, you not only deliver what customers need, but also reduce inventory, increase efficiency and make the most of your labor resources.


Your OT network is at the heart of optimizing your production schedule, supporting the systems and technology to make it happen—from artificial intelligence to data analytics. Down to the machine level, you need secure and reliable infrastructure to create realistic timetables and maximize resources.


Belden’s in-house experts can get your OT networks ready for whatever goals you have in mind. We design reliable, secure network infrastructure solutions that give you the ability to ingest, move and make use of your vital plant information.


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How Does IO-Link Work?

Svenja Litz

Industrial environments are generating more data than ever. Whether it’s production volume, downtime or serial numbers, this information offers unique insight into processes and productivity.


Using plug-and-play smart sensors powered by IO-Link can help you take full advantage of the data your plant generates.

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