Hirschmann OWL Industrial Cellular Routers

Our increasingly connected world comes with an increase in industrial network performance and security demands. The Hirschmann OWL 4G cellular routers and gateways offer high-speed wireless connectivity and secure remote access to meet the needs of an IIoT world. Compatible with cellular frequencies around the globe, the OWL 4G family is specifically designed to support next-level security and round-the-clock cellular connectivity across virtually any environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable: High-speed wireless connectivity and reliable remote access with technology specifically designed to enable IIoT or machine to machine (M2M) communications
  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs: The edge computing configuration allows industrial customers to monitor and troubleshoot machines remotely, without going on site
  • Enhanced Security Functionality: Includes fast and secure VPN tunneling (OpenVPN and IPsec VPN)
  • Highly Customizable: Based on application needs, this intuitive web interface and open Linux platform makes it easy to customize
Technical Details
Region Product Detail
EuropeOWL 4G
United StatesOWL 4G
United StatesOWL 4G +WLAN
AustraliaOWL 4G
AustraliaOWL 4G +WLAN
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