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Our Most-Read Smart Buildings, Data Center and AV Blogs in 2022


As we deliver infrastructure to make your digital journey simpler, smarter and more secure, we also have another important mission: to educate the industry about what’s happening in the world of data centers, AV and broadcast, and smart buildings—and how these trends impact installers, integrators, broadcast professionals, data center managers and end-users.


Our in-house experts have lots of knowledge to share from decades of real-world, hands-on experience, as well as their work with standards committees. They choose to share their insights through weekly blogs that help explain what they see and experience.


With 2022 almost in the rearview mirror, we reviewed the blog topics that were most important to you in the past year. In 2022, one topic seemed to be top of mind: new Class 4 systems. As you’ll see below, four of the six most-read blogs published in 2022 cover that topic. If you haven’t read these blogs yet, now’s a great time to take a look!


Most-Read Smart Buildings, Data Center and AV Blogs Published in 2022


1. 2023 NEC: 5 Upcoming Changes Integrators Need to Know


To help the integrator community keep up with new editions of the National Electrical Code® (NEC), we summarized five important code changes that were discussed at the 2022 NFPA Convention & Expo. These changes are now reflected in the 2023 NEC. A quick read of this blog will help you know how to plan accordingly for your upcoming projects.


2. The Industry’s First UL-Certified Class 4 Cabling System: Belden Digital Electricity™ Cables


Belden Digital Electricity (DE) Cables are the industry’s first-ever Class 4 cabling system to receive the UL 1400-2 certification for safe installation and operation. These cables allow end-users to take advantage of Digital Electricity to safely deliver lots of power across long distances using small conductors. You can learn more about DE Cables, UL 1400-2 certification and Class 4 systems in this popular blog!


3. Here Comes Class 4 Power: Differences Between Circuit Classes


When the 2023 NEC was released in Fall 2022, it included Article 726 for the first time. The addition of this new article introduces Class 4 power circuits for an improved format of electricity. To help you understand how Class 4 power is different—and the industry impact it will have—this blog takes a look at it in detail, along with Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 systems.


4. What You Need to Know About New Fault-Managed Power Systems


Class 4 systems—the topic of our most-read blogs published in 2022—are called by many different names, including “fault-managed power systems.” This blog explains what fault-managed power systems are, what “fault-managed power” means and how these systems are set to change the future of power distribution.


5. Reduce Data Center Operating Costs to Improve PUE


From 2003 to 2010, the data center industry made great strides in improving power usage effectiveness (PUE). In the last years, however, energy usage has hit a plateau. The average PUE has been stagnant. This blog examines why PUE progress is slowing down and offers suggestions for efficiency improvements that can take PUE levels from 1.5 down to 1.2 or 1.1 or lower.


6. 3 AV Trends to Follow in the Next 12 Months


Toward the beginning of the year, we revealed the AV trends we thought would be most popular throughout 2022, including technology for hybrid spaces, more wireless integration and continued AV over IP adoption. We imagine that these trends won’t go away in 2023, so this blog is a great way to get up to speed on where AV is headed.


Our Most-Read Smart Buildings, Data Center and AV Blogs Ever


Although these blogs were published prior to 2022, they represent Belden’s most-read blogs of all time since we began blogging in 2012.


1. 11 Types of Networks Explained: VPN, LAN & More


This blog continues to top our list of most-read blogs every year. It’s always No. 1 on our annual round-up. While it was first written in 2016, it has been updated since then to include new information. It acts as a guide to the different types of networks deployed today and how they’re used. If you’re searching for straightforward definitions for networks like PAN, LAN, WLAN, CAN, MAN and more, this blog has the information you need.


2. 3-Phase Power—Why it Matters


Published almost a decade ago, in October 2013, the topic of 3-phase power continues to be popular. After receiving numerous requests from readers, the blog was updated in June 2019 to include more information about 3-phase power, 3-phase wiring and 3-phase Wye. In these updates, we also examine why 3-phase Wye is increasingly being used in data centers. If you want to get to know 3-phase power, start here!


3. Singlemode vs. Multimode Fiber: The Real Differences


Fiber is being used more often in data centers, stadiums and venues, and even broadcast environments. As a result, it’s being talked about more often. This trend is reflected among our blog readers, too, with this blog hitting our list of most-read blogs for the first time. The piece compares the two basic types of fiber optic cable—singlemode and multimode—and explains their differences in terms of construction, application and cost. If you want the basics, this is a good primer.


4. 5 Unique Benefits of Fiber Optic Cable


Fiber and Category cable each has its place in certain applications and situations—and they each offer their own benefits, too. This blog takes a close look at the benefits of fiber cable, including the ability to support high bandwidth levels, its inherent security and safety, its resistance to EMI and how it copes with exposure to water and extreme temperatures.


5. APC vs. UPC: What’s the Difference?


Rounding out our list is this blog, which compares the differences between ultra-physical contact (UPC) and angled physical contact (APC) singlemode fiber connectors—and when to use them. The piece was first published in 2014 and then updated five years later to address readers’ questions about fiber connector loss.


Thank you for continuing to read our blogs and sharing your questions, feedback and ideas. Are there topics you’d like us to discuss in 2023? Are there trends on the horizon that you’re interested in learning more about? Share your thoughts, and we’ll plan to talk about them! Or speak directly to one of our cabling and connectivity experts.


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