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Industrial networks technology & product certifications.

Master the knowledge required for complex and mission-critical networking deployments while gaining practical experience with industry-leading Hirschmann™ technologies. Our comprehensive certification courses cover both technology & product topics, and span three levels from Specialist to advanced Engineer accreditation.

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2021 Hirschmann Training & Certification Details 
Technology-Specific Certifications







Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Specialist (HiES)

Foundational training confirms basic Ethernet, redundancy, VLANs, & prioritization application skills. Certified individuals will gain skills to supervise switched networks & efficiently detect, localize & remediate issues.


CT1: Industrial Ethernet

2 days

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Hirschmann Industrial Network Professional (HiNP)

Certified individuals will gain important knowledge to manage large, mission-critical networks & IP communication, TCP/IP, multicasting, security & industrial protocol mastery.

HiES Certification & HiNP Exam

CT2: Industrial Networking

3 days

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Hirschmann Industrial Routing Professional (HiRP)

Advanced training designed to build expertise in IP-related communication & networks with dynamic routing protocols for unicast & multicast data.

HiES Certification & HiRP Exam

CT3: Industrial Routing

2 days

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Hirschmann Industrial Network Engineer (HiNE)

Highest form of accreditation combining HiNP & HiRP competencies—from design & implementation through commission to ongoing supervision of complex networks.

HiES, HiNP & HiRP Certifications

Professionals with HiES, HiNP & HiRP certifications awarded HiNE accreditation without exam requirement.

Cumulative (HiES through HiRP)

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Product-Specific Certifications

Certificate Description Prerequisite Topics Duration
Hirschmann Industrial Rail Specialist (HiRS) Individuals certified as a Hirschmann Industrial Rail Specialist are able to offer wide-ranging expertise in all Layer 2 functionality for Hirschmann Switches. These products are generally located in the immediate vicinity of automation systems & machinery including a broad range of platform devices—rail Switches, OCTOPUS, PowerMICE & MACH product lines. HiRS Exam Rail Family (CP1) 3 days
Hirschmann Industrial Backbone Specialist (HiBS) Individuals certified as a Hirschmann Industrial Backbone Specialist (HiBS) possesses expert Layer 3 knowledge needed to commission, operate & maintain networks with routers from the Hirschmann backbone range. Due to the wide functional scope of these devices, certification provides evidence of rigorous & detailed knowledge in fields as routing network security & L3 redundancy techniques. HiBS Exam CP3: Industrial Backbone Devices 3 daysRequest Information
Hirschmann Industrial Product Professional (HiPP) The interaction of different products in an ideally configured network calls for interdisciplinary knowledge.  Individuals certified as a Hirschmann Industrial Product Professional (HiPP) will master the supervision & management of Industrial Ethernet using the Hirschmann network management platform (Industrial Hivision)- as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with other SNMP tools and SCADA software HiRSCertifications & HiPP Exam CP2: Network Management with Industrial HiVision 2 daysSee Availability
Hirschmann Industrial Systems Engineer (HiSE) the most advanced certification level available (HiSE) offers candidates the opportunity to demonstrate comprehensive evidence of capabilities in the technological field (HiNE) & across products (HiPP, HiRS, HiBS). The degree of competence in an individual's ability to design, commission and supervise networks of any magnitude & complexity containing Hirschmann products. HiPP, HiRS, HiBS, & HiNE Certifications Certificate holders automatically receive HiSE certification, without sitting in an additional exam. Cumulative (HiRS through HiPP)Request Information
IBDN Systems Certification

Belden continues to offer certification training for IBDN Systems* enabling our partners to offer systems, products and installation standards, with the goal of optimizing network performance.

Certificate Who Should Attend Description Credits Earned
IBDN Installation Copper & Fiber ComponentsStructured Cabling Installers, Technicians, Project Managers, Process Engineers Rigorous two-day curriculum covering IBDN system components, industry standards & best-practice Belden installation requirements BISCI (14 CEC credits)
IBDN Design & ConceptingArchitects, Designers, Networking Consultants Two-day curriculum providing extensive hands-on learning in Belden fiber optic & twisted-pair connectivity technologies for commercial real-estate environment - IBDN 2400, 4800, 10GX Copper - FiberExpress UHD Cable Systems BICSI (14 CEC credits)