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Talented individuals like you make a world a better place for everyone. Join a global team driving innovation around the world. You’ll work with some of the best and brightest to build your career and make a real difference in your community – and your career.


Working at Belden means tackling tough problems for our customers and developing creative solutions. You won’t be bored here; there is a continuous stream of interesting opportunities and challenging projects. We offer a culture of learning and ongoing development, where all support one other to advance. You will find an organization that welcomes your ideas, innovative spirit and unique perspectives. We relentlessly pursue excellence and support each other every step of the way.


Belden believes in putting our people first. It’s one of our company values: We Invest in Talent. And that means we invest in YOU. Our ongoing commitment to your career and personal development includes:


  • Performance Reviews
    • Our annual career development and performance review process helps you set clearly defined goals and objectives. This gives you the opportunity to identify career development and training opportunities, establish strategic performance objectives, and measure your achievements.


  • Tuition Assistance
    • Continuing education is an important part of furthering talents and knowledge. We support your efforts and dedication with a tuition-assistance program.


  • Global Opportunities
    • At Belden, we can provide you with a range of global opportunities and experiences, helping you move closer to your long-term goals.

Advance Your Skills and Opportunities

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