Belong. Believe. Be You. Belden

Grow your career in EMEA

We offer results-driven people a place and opportunities to make a difference.  


Whether you are starting your career or are an experienced professional and are looking for a new challenge, at Belden you will have the opportunity to make a real impact and push things beyond what most think is possible.


Belong to a great team of 2,500 employees across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region and share our mission.

We believe in the unlimited potential of a more connected, safer and better world. Be part of an environment that empowers you to be you each day and bring your best self to your work to make an impact and create the solutions of tomorrow.


Belong. Believe. Be You. Belden.


Let’s build the future!




Our EMEA locations


Location: Olen
Brand: OTN Systems

Czech Republic:
Location: Horni Podluzi
Brand: Belden

Locations: Gjern, Præstø
Brands: Belden, PPC

Locations: Toulouse, Lyon & Paris
Brands: ProSoft, Belden

Locations: Berlin, Bickenback, Neckartenzlingen, Schalksmühle, Eschborn
Brands: Macmon secure GmbH, PPC, Hirschmann, Lumberg Automation, NetModule, Belden

Location: Budapest
Brand: Belden

Locations: Agrate Brianza, Bagnacavallo
Brands: Belden, Hirschmann, Iustria Tecnica Cavi (ITC)

Locations: Madrid, Barcelona
Brand: Belden, Hirschmann

Location: Bern
Brand: NetModule

The Netherlands
Location: Venlo
Brand: Belden

United Kingdom:
Location: Manchester, Suffolk
Brands: Belden, PPC, Alpha Wire

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Location: Ben Arous
Brand: PPC


Middle East

United Arab Emirates:
Locations: Dubai
Brands: ProSoft, OTN Systems, Belden

Saudi Arabia:
Location: Riyadh
Brand: PPC