Industrial Automation

What the Switch to M12 L-coded Power Connectors Means for You


As more factory machines are connected through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), companies could soon run into a major problem. You’ve probably felt this shift: the promise of improved productivity from these connected machines producing more data requires additional power and space on your factory floor.

That’s why the M12 L-coded Power Connectors have been selected by the PROFINET User Organization as the new standard for 24-volt power supply systems used in PROFINET devices. In the current PROFINET guideline “PROFINET Cabling and Interconnection Technology,” two round connectors with screw connections are specified for the 24-volt power supply, in addition to a push-pull rectangular connector.


However, this new guideline, scheduled for publication in April 2017, will replace these two variants with the L-coded M12 Power Connectors.  M12 L-coded Power Connectors are an extension of the current IEC standards. The most important thing you need to know about these connectors is that they are smaller than the common market-standard of 7/8”, while delivering more power. 


What does that mean for you? While your existing systems won’t need products replaced, the new systems you build will need to utilize this new power connector. It’s time to understand the benefits this product will bring to your operations.



The demand for greater interoperability requires small-sized power connectors that are able to transport power up to 16 amps without taking up too much space.



The New L-coded M12 Power Connectors: From Power vs. Size to Power and Size

Before L-coded M12 power connectors became the new standard for PROFINET applications, machine builders and system architects faced a common dilemma: They could design devices that could fit in smaller spaces – but smaller connectors couldn’t supply the power they needed. Connectors that could supply adequate power simply took up too much space.


Using L-coded M12 connectors means no more difficult choices when designing smaller, more powerful PROFINET system components.


L-coded M12 connectors are 30-40 percent smaller, but supply 80 percent more power. In fact, these space saving connectors can transmit up to 12 amps of power, and in the case of Lumberg Automation’s L-coded M12 Power Connectors, up to 16 amps.


How will M12 L-coded Power Connectors Change Industrial Automation?

These small-sized power connectors will bring more benefits than just space savings and improved power transmission. As you switch to M12 L-coded Power Connectors you will experience:

  • Increased flexibility. The small size gives you more options when planning your application, even when you’re faced with little free space. In combination with Lumberg Automation’s LioN-Power I/O Modules, these connectors also give your mobile robots greater flexibility to move about the manufacturing plant without heavy, oversized connectors weighing them down and decreasing efficiency.
  • Enhanced reliability.  Even the most extreme temperatures don’t stop the connector from transmitting high power. Before, system engineers would have to sacrifice power supply as temperatures became more extreme. But now, due to new technology with a derating curve starting at 90°C, you can experience a reliable power supply in extreme temperature ranges. That means you don’t have to worry about downtime or costly maintenance repairs.
  • Global standard. Because the IEC ensures that International Standards complement each other, this product meets requirements in the U.S. and most European countries, including UL and VDE. That means you only need to inventory one type of connector, no matter where your component is sold or used.

How Can You Find Connectors Compliant With the Future Profinet Standard? No Need to Wait.

Now is the time to start thinking about compliance with the new PROFINET standard. As you begin to build out new systems, you will want a head start on finding the right, compliant products to meet your needs.


The advantages of the future standard are already available from Belden’s Lumberg Automation brand. Belden saw the challenges system engineers in the industrial automation space were facing and developed new L-coded M12 Power Connectors. They already meet the future PROFINET standard, and they’re unlike others on the market. This includes:

  • More power: Lumberg Automation’s L-coded M12 power connectors can transmit up to 16 amps – other options on the market are only rated to 12 amps.
  • Extreme conditions: Lumberg Automation’s M12 connectors can withstand temperature ranges that other connectors can’t (between -40°C to +125°C). They are simply the strongest M12 connectors on the market.