Distribution Tight-Buffered Fiber Cable

Tight-Buffered Fiber Cables are one of Belden’s best-selling, most popular fiber cabling systems for enterprise applications, including intra-building backbones and horizontal and vertical installations. They’re available in fiber counts ranging from two to 144 and designed for indoor and indoor/outdoor applications. Distribution cables are offered in plenum and riser versions for flame resistance, as well as in unitized and non-unitized constructions that fit a wide array of environments. Their 900 µm tight-buffered fibers allow for fast installation and easy termination with FiberExpress (FX) Fusion Splice-On Connectors.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast, Easy Installation: Designed with strength members to withstand pulling stress without damage
  • No Need for Conduit: Interlocking armor feature provides an additional layer of protection
  • Rapid Field Termination: 900 µm tight-buffered cable features a small OD and quickly connects to FX Fusion Splice-On Connectors
  • Built for Tough Environments: Indoor/outdoor constructions feature materials that resist UV and moisture exposure
Distribution Tight-Buffered Cable
Type Fiber Count Fiber Type Armor Type Rating Tech Data
Indoor 2-144 fibers OM1, OM3, OM4, OM5, OS2 Non-armored OFNP, OFNRDownload
Indoor 2-144 fibers OM1, OM3, OM4, OM5, OS2 Aluminum Interlocked OFNP, OFNR Download
Indoor / Outdoor 2-144 fibers OM1, OM3, OM4, OM5, OS2 Non-armored OFNP, OFNRDownload
Indoor/Outdoor 2-144 fibers OM1, OM3, OM4, OM5, OS2 Aluminum Interlocked OFNP, OFNRDownload
  • Factory
  • Marine
  • Transit
  • Tray

Factory Grade: Riser Rated - UV and ozone resistant cable designed for light to medium factory floor environments.


Factory Grade: Single Jacket All Dielectric


Fiber Count OM1 OM3 OM4 OS2
6 TF-1D9-006-RN5N TF-3D9-006-RN5N TF-4D9-006-RN5N TF-SD9-006-RN5N
8 TF-1D9-008-RN5N TF-3D9-008-RN5N TF-4D9-008-RN5N TF-SD9-008-RN5N
12 TF-1D9-012-RN5N TF-3D9-012-RN5N TF-4D9-012-RN5N TF-SD9-012-RN5N
24 TF-1D9-024-RN5N TF-3D9-024-RN5N TF-4D9-024-RN5N TF-SD9-024-RN5N
36 TF-1DK-036-RN5N TF-3DK-036-RN5N TF-4DK-036-RN5N TF-SDK-036-RN5N
48 TF-1DK-048-RN5N TF-3DK-048-RN5N TF-4DK-048-RN5N TF-SDK-048-RN5N
72 TF-1DK-072-RN5N TF-3DK-072-RN5N TF-4DK-072-RN5N TF-SDK-072-RN5N
96 TF-1DK-096-RN5N TF-3DK-096-RN5N TF-4DK-096-RN5N TF-SDK-096-RN5N
144 TF-1DK-144-RN5N TF-3DK-144-RN5N TF-4DK-144-RN5N TF-SDK-144-RN5N


Factory Grade: Double Jacket Aluminum Interlock


Fiber Count OM1 OM3 OM4 OS2
6 TF-1D9-006-RI5N TF-3D9-006-RI5N TF-4D9-006-RI5N TF-SD9-006-RI5N
8 TF-1D9-008-RI5N TF-3D9-008-RI5N TF-4D9-008-RI5N TF-SD9-008-RI5N
12 TF-1D9-012-RI5N TF-3D9-012-RI5N TF-4D9-012-RI5N TF-SD9-012-RI5N
24 TF-1D9-024-RI5N TF-3D9-024-RI5N TF-4D9-024-RI5N TF-SD9-024-RI5N
36 TF-1DK-036-RI5N TF-3DK-036-RI5N TF-4DK-036-RI5N TF-SDK-036-RI5N
48 TF-1DK-048-RI5N TF-3DK-048-RI5N TF-4DK-048-RI5N TF-SDK-048-RI5N
72 TF-1DK-072-RI5N TF-3DK-072-RI5N TF-4DK-072-RI5N TF-SDK-072-RI5N
96 TF-1DK-096-RI5N TF-3DK-096-RI5N TF-4DK-096-RI5N TF-SDK-096-RI5N
144 TF-1DK-144-RI5N TF-3DK-144-RI5N TF-4DK-144-RI5N TF-SDK-144-RI5N


Marine Grade: ABS Approved, LSZH Jacketed Gel Tube Fiber Optic Cable


For more information, view the family technical data.


Marine Grade: Single Jacket All Dielectric


Fiber Count OM1 OM3 OM4 OS2
6 TM-1D9-006-LNAN TM-3D9-006-LNAN TM-4D9-006-LNAN TM-SD9-006-LNAN
8 TM-1D9-008-LNAN TM-3D9-008-LNAN TM-4D9-008-LNAN TM-SD9-008-LNAN
12 TM-1D9-012-LNAN TM-3D9-012-LNAN TM-4D9-012-LNAN TM-SD9-012-LNAN
24 TM-1DJ-024-LNAN TM-3DJ-024-LNAN TM-4DJ-024-LNAN TM-SDJ-024-LNAN
36 TM-1DK-036-LNAN TM-3DK-036-LNAN TM-4DK-036-LNAN TM-SDK-036-LNAN
48 TM-1DK-048-LNAN TM-3DK-048-LNAN TM-4DK-048-LNAN TM-SDK-048-LNAN
72 TM-1DK-072-LNAN TM-3DK-072-LNAN TM-4DK-072-LNAN TM-SDK-072-LNAN
96 TM-1DK-096-LNAN TM-3DK-096-LNAN TM-4DK-096-LNAN TM-SDK-096-LNAN
144 TM-1DK-144-LNAN TM-3DK-144-LNAN TM-4DK-144-LNAN TM-SDK-144-LNAN


Marine Grade: Double Jacket Bronze Braid Armor


Fiber Count OM1 OM3 OM4 OS2
6 TM-1D9-006-LBAN TM-3D9-006-LBAN TM-4D9-006-LBAN TM-SD9-006-LBAN
8 TM-1D9-008-LBAN TM-3D9-008-LBAN TM-4D9-008-LBAN TM-SD9-008-LBAN
12 TM-1D9-012-LBAN TM-3D9-012-LBAN TM-4D9-012-LBAN TM-SD9-012-LBAN


Transit Grade: NFPA 130 and 502 Compliant LSZH Gel Tube Fiber Optic Cable.


For more information, view the family technical detail

Transit Grade: Single Jacket All Dielectric


Fiber Count OM1 OM3 OM4 OS2
6 TT-1D9-006-LNNN TT-3D9-006-LNNN TT-4D9-006-LNNN TT-SD9-006-LNNN
8 TT-1D9-008-LNNN TT-3D9-008-LNNN TT-4D9-008-LNNN TT-SD9-008-LNNN
12 TT-1D9-012-LNNN TT-3D9-012-LNNN TT-4D9-012-LNNN TT-SD9-012-LNNN
24 TT-1DK-024-LNNN TT-3DK-024-LNNN TT-4DK-024-LNNN TT-SDK-024-LNNN
36 TT-1DK-036-LNNN TT-3DK-036-LNNN TT-4DK-036-LNNN TT-SDK-036-LNNN
48 TT-1DK-048-LNNN TT-3DK-048-LNNN TT-4DK-048-LNNN TT-SDK-048-LNNN
72 TT-1DK-072-LNNN TT-3DK-072-LNNN TT-4DK-072-LNNN TT-SDK-072-LNNN
96 TT-1DK-096-LNNN TT-3DK-096-LNNN TT-4DK-096-LNNN TT-SDK-096-LNNN
144 TT-1DK-144-LNNN TT-3DK-144-LNNN TT-4DK-144-LNNN TT-SDK-144-LNNN



Transit Grade: Double Jacket Aluminum Interlock


Fiber Count OM1 OM3 OM4 OS2
6 TT-1D9-006-LINN TT-3D9-006-LINN TT-4D9-006-LINN TT-SD9-006-LINN
8 TT-1D9-008-LINN TT-3D9-008-LINN TT-4D9-008-LINN TT-SD9-008-LINN
12 TT-1D9-012-LINN TT-3D9-012-LINN TT-4D9-012-LINN TT-SD9-012-LINN
24 TT-1DK-024-LINN TT-3DK-024-LINN TT-4DK-024-LINN TT-SDK-024-LINN
36 TT-1DK-036-LINN TT-3DK-036-LINN TT-4DK-036-LINN TT-SDK-036-LINN
48 TT-1DK-048-LINN TT-3DK-048-LINN TT-4DK-048-LINN TT-SDK-048-LINN
72 TT-1DK-072-LINN TT-3DK-072-LINN TT-4DK-072-LINN TT-SDK-072-LINN
96 TT-1DK-096-LINN TT-3DK-096-LINN TT-4DK-096-LINN TT-SDK-096-LINN
144 TT-1DK-144-LINN TT-3DK-144-LINN TT-4DK-144-LINN TT-SDK-144-LINN


Tray Grade: Single Jacket All Dielectric

Fiber Count OM1 OM3 OM4 OS2
6 TU-1D9-006-RN2N TU-3D9-006-RN2N TU-4D9-006-RN2N TU-SD9-006-RN2N
12 TU-1D9-012-RN2N TU-3D9-012-RN2N TU-4D9-012-RN2N TU-SD9-012-RN2N
24 TU-1D9-024-RN2N TU-3D9-024-RN2N TU-4D9-024-RN2N TU-SD9-024-RN2N
48 TU-1D9-048-RN2N TU-3D9-048-RN2N TU-4D9-048-RN2N TU-SD9-048-RN2N


Tray Grade: Double Jacket Aluminum Interlock Armor

Fiber Count OM1 OM3 OM4 OS2
6 TU-1D9-006-RI2N TU-3D9-006-RI2N TU-4D9-006-RI2N TU-SD9-006-RI2N
12 TU-1D9-012-RI2N TU-3D9-012-RI2N TU-4D9-012-RI2N TU-SD9-012-RI2N
24 TU-1D9-024-RI2N TU-3D9-024-RI2N TU-4D9-024-RI2N TU-SD9-024-RI2N
48 TU-1D9-048-RI2N TU-3D9-048-RI2N TU-4D9-048-RI2N TU-SD9-048-RI2N


DataTuff Fiber Optic Tray Cable: Indoor/Outdoor Riser Rated Harsh Environment Fiber Optic Cable with Oil Res 1 & 2

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