Belden Announces 2022 Distributor Value Award Winners


The Belden Distributor Value Awards honor our distributors that exhibit one of Belden’s six core values every day, all over the world. These values prioritize delivering an outstanding customer experience through continuous improvement and teamwork.


            Belden Core Values

            Belden Core Values



Working with distributors who share these values across the globe is how we continue to push our industry forward. “Our distributors are key partners in delivering Belden’s solutions to the global market,” says Ashish Chand, CEO and President of Belden. “The annual Distributor Value Awards gives us the opportunity to celebrate and honor the distributors that have best exemplified the Belden values over the past year.”


To make the selections, the Belden sales teams nominate partners based on the past year’s activities. The Belden Partner Alliance Committee then deliberates and chooses the winners from this pool. The top 6 most exemplary partners in each region are then named and honored for their impressive achievement.


Congratulations to the Distributor Value Award Winners of 2022!



Americas Award Winners


NEDCO Supply: Continuous Improvement is Our Way of Life

Since 1982, NEDCO Supply has demonstrated its commitment to improvement, expanding from selling light bulbs to becoming the leading electrical distributor in the state of Nevada. Today it is ranked in the top 100 electrical distributors in the U.S. all from a single branch location in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Continuous Improvement Is Our Way of Life requires eliminating waste and pushing to improve quality, delivery, and cost for ourselves and our customers. NEDCO Supply’s operational structure allows for quick decision-making with strategic vision when important opportunities arise. This year, NEDCO Supply has proactively responded to market changes by supporting Belden with a dedicated low voltage sales organization and servicing the local market with more delivery trucks and the largest and broadest Belden inventory in the region.



Graybar: Customers Define Our Success

Graybar has been a leader in the distribution of electrical, communications, and data networking products in North America for over 150 years. Its products and services support new construction, infrastructure updates, building renovation, facility maintenance, repair and operations, and original equipment manufacturing.


Belden’s value of Customers Define Our Success focuses on keeping our promises to customers, earning customer loyalty, and creating value for our customers. In 2022, Graybar put customers first by exceeding timelines, expanding inventory, amplifying product availability, and launching new marketing initiatives. These activities gave customers more of what they needed and then some.



H.H. Barnum: We Invest in Talent

H.H. Barnum’s consistent commitment to organic growth has led to the company’s leadership in the distribution and logistics of products, solutions, and controls for factory automation. H.H. Barnum’s history of growth also extends to its employees. Since 1988, Barnum has grown from 12 employees to over 260 people employed across the U.S.


We Invest in Talent is exhibited by valuing, developing, and growing talent from within. This past year, H.H. Barnum demonstrated its commitment to its employees by winning multiple awards from Top Workplace USA and the Detroit Free Press for cultivating and maintaining a positive and rewarding workplace environment. The investments H.H. Barnum has made in its talent has made collaboration within our partnership enriching and productive.



Industrial Networking Solutions: We Play to Win

Industrial Networking Solutions (INS) delivers industry-leading products, technical support, and IT/OT services for wired and wireless machine networking applications.


We Play to Win centers on competitive performance, accountability, and going above and beyond for all stakeholders. In 2022, INS exemplified this through overcoming supply chain constraints and providing Belden’s transformative solutions to customers. INS’s exceptional performance this year resulted in rapid growth, outpacing INS’s own historical growth as well as the competition’s.



Digi-Key Electronics: We Reach for Greatness

Digi-Key is a high-service distributor of electronic components and automation products. Since the company’s start in 1972, Digi-Key has developed into one of the world’s largest electronic component distributors.


Overcoming challenges, breakthrough results, and innovation defines We Reach for Greatness, and this year Digi-Key demonstrated this in a big way. Digi-Key drove breakthrough sales results in 2022 through strategic inventory investment and innovative digital marketing strategies. Digi-Key’s drive to acquire new customers by offering a large breadth of Belden products and offering cut-to-length services has made them an exceptional Belden partner.



OmniCable Canada: We Succeed Together through Teamwork

Omni Cable, LLC (OmniCable) has a proven track record of excellence as a redistributor of wire and cable, electrical products, and value-added services. OmniCable enhanced its partnership with Belden further in 2022, especially in Canada.


We Succeed Together through Teamwork is observed through communication and collaboration. OmniCable Canada has demonstrated its commitment to teamwork by prioritizing direct engagement with Belden. Together, Belden and OmniCable identified new opportunities and solved numerous customer challenges. Through significant inventory investment and working with the Belden team to drive customer outcomes, OmniCable has built a strong, reliable model for operational excellence.




Asia Pacific Award Winners



LHS Electronics Enterprise: Continuous Improvement Is Our Way of Life

LHS Electronics Enterprise (LHS) is a prominent supplier of industrial automation, security, wireless RF & broadcast/AV products, with its headquarters in Singapore. With over 20 years of partnership with Belden, LHS is committed to ensuring mutual success.


Belden acknowledges LHS's dedication to improving its business operations and is delighted to recognize the company for its efforts. LHS demonstrated foresight by anticipating the rising demands of projects and customers and expanded its warehouse in 2022, resulting in increased inventory investments. This move provided a competitive edge by reducing delivery time, ultimately securing a significant project on the Mandai Zoo Precinct Rejuvenation Project.



4 Square Corporation: Customers Define Our Success

4 Squares Corporation is a leading distributor of electronic products, catering to a wide range of industries and providing industry-specific solutions. Their expertise lies in the supply of communication infrastructure products for industries such as Professional IT Infrastructure, Broadcast/Audio Visual, Building Services, and Telecommunications. Based in South India, 4 Squares Corporation is renowned for providing complete communications solutions to its clients.


At the core of 4 Squares Corporation's business philosophy is their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The company is dedicated to helping its customers achieve success by providing exceptional services and support to end-users and partners across the region.


4 Squares Corporation's success in the region can be attributed to its focused approach towards promoting Belden's product range and services, along with its stocking capabilities that allow for urgent project/end-user/consultant requirements. The company's strong distribution model and strategic inventory planning mechanism have enabled it to meet aggressive delivery timelines for many customer projects.



Shanghai Sunward Information Technology: We Invest in Talent

Shanghai Sunward is a nationally recognized company that provides customers with comprehensive solutions for commercial buildings, data centers, and cabling, as well as UPS products in the region.


In pursuit of driving Belden ECS business, Shanghai Sunward made significant investments in resources to expand its team in 2022. Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic in China, the company successfully onboarded six new salespeople who helped develop Belden ECS business.

This investment paid off, with Shanghai Sunward achieving an exceptional final billing surpassing their 2022 target by 120%. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the company's dedication and hard work. Additionally, the open funnel size for Belden business at the end of 2022 was impressive, indicating a bright future for Shanghai Sunward's continued success.



TFO Networks: We Invest in Talent

TFO Networks is a leading Korean-based company that focuses to revolutionize the field of communications.


In 2022, TFO Networks continued to prioritize its growth by making strategic investments in expanding its capabilities and promoting its comprehensive solutions. The company has a clear and robust plan in place to expand its market shares in Korea, which involves investing in more resources and talented sales personnel to drive demand creation.


The close collaboration between TFO Networks and its sales team has led to an increased winning rate for projects, contributing significantly to the company's capture of market share in retail businesses. TFO Networks' relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled the company to stay ahead of the competition and remain a leading player in the industry.



Theta Networking Solutions: We Play to Win

THETA Networking is an established expert in communication, monitoring, and control for industrial automation and networking solutions. While initially focused on manufacturing a limited range of power electronic products, the company has expanded to offer a diverse range of solutions across Process Control Instruments, PC-based system integration, Industrial Networking Solutions, Defence products, and Mass Transit. They are committed to providing exceptional services to their customers.


Under the strong leadership of Theta's management team, the company has shown exceptional YoY growth, thanks to its strong technical expertise and a robust presence across India. Theta Networking has made significant investments to meet customer expectations, including training its engineers to support Belden industrial networking solutions.


The billing achievement for Theta Networking in FY'22 was an impressive 132% against their budget. This achievement underscores the company's strength, capability, and eagerness to grow YoY, and it speaks to the dedication and hard work of the Theta Networking team.



PT. Denko Wahana Sakti: We Reach for Greatness

PT Denko is a major Belden distributor for cables in Indonesia. Its strength lies in understanding collaborations and mapping complex organizations, which is an important aspect of projects.


PT Denko continues to grow its Belden team and works with Belden management to co-fund and hire the right people to compete in the project battlefield. They invest time in training resources to build skills, which helps secure significant projects and ensures that the right person is in the right role at the right time.



Hip Tung Cables (a Sonepar Company): We Succeed Together through Teamwork

Hip Tung Cables demonstrated exceptional teamwork in supporting Belden to secure the Macau Island Hospital Complex project, marking Belden's first hospital project in Macau SAR and significantly expanding our footprint in the public infrastructure sector of the region. Through the promotion of Belden's diverse product ranges, Hip Tung Cables co-developed customized products such as Cabinets and Wire Mesh to cater to specific applications in the project. This raised Belden's value proposition to that of a comprehensive solution provider, setting us apart from competitors across various scopes.


Hip Tung Cables' role as a value-added distributor was also instrumental in the project's success, providing agile inventory management and logistics support for contractors during the volatile COVID-19 situation. This ensured seamless project execution, further cementing Hip Tung Cables' reputation as a reliable partner.


The partnership between Hip Tung Cables and Belden has yielded impressive results, with Hip Tung achieving a remarkable 90% YoY growth in business with Belden from 2020 to 2022, covering all lines of business.




Europe, the Middle East & Africa Award Winners


WESCO Anixter: Continuous Improvement Is Our Way of Life

Wesco Anixter successfully engaged with Belden at both a commercial and strategic level, and also locally with the direct sales teams. As a result, Wesco Anixter found ways of eliminating potential challenges in several high value projects by investing in Belden’s transformational change to solutions, leading to both businesses gaining share, adding value and improving how we interact with each other in great partnership.



Elpack: Customers Define Our Success

Elpack earns trust and loyalty from its customers due to their high customer service levels, by upholding optimized inventory and supply chain practices focused on customer needs, expectations and capabilities and strong technical support services for engineering teams to enlarge our product positioning. 



Al Mazroui - ICAS LLC: We Invest in Talent

Al Mazroui - ICAS LLC made significant investment in their talent pool in 2022. Together, we provided comprehensive technical training to the Al Mazroui - ICAS LLC team and their loyal customers to support our growth efforts in the Middle East. 


We would like to thank Al Mazroui – ICAS L.L.C for creating such a great culture that inspires their staff and customers to improve their skills and deliver great performance.



ETN: We Play to Win

ETN achieved substantial growth in 2022 in all of Belden's target markets - transportation with wins in rolling stock and trackside applications, energy, water treatment and food processing.


All the ETN teams have deployed considerable energy to achieve memorable and unprecedented results. ETN provides the sales and technical support Belden has come to expect, with considerable added value from solutions definition to product delivery and after sales support. ETN has also built-up considerable stock to deliver to customers, which is currently a major asset.



RS Group: We Reach for Greatness

RS Group excels as a Belden partner because they offer great value in promoting our products to effectively stretch and maximize our offering to a large audience in many verticals that are in line with Belden’s strategic vision. The value in being able to offer our 4 main product groups of Belden Wire & Cable, Alpha Wire, Hirshmann & Lumberg to their customers, have stock available and be able to deliver quickly is paramount to meeting ever-evolving customer demands and one of the key drivers in our channel strategy. In many instances, our products complement the RS Industrial Solutions offering and the local engagement is a true strategic partnership in which both our businesses learn from each other and grow in harmony. We Succeed Together through Teamwork

Following a clear growth strategy during challenging market conditions, were able to significantly grow their business in 2022 by investing in the acquisition of new customers and business opportunities, hiring new talent and consistently focusing on and expanding their existing customer relationships. In parallel, Belden and worked closely together on their product portfolio strategy with a focus on closing portfolio and product gaps.


We look forward to another year of joint strong customer focus and long-standing partnership with