Download the white paper “Industrial Wireless Technology for Railway Systems

This white paper explains:WP Industrial Wireless Technology for Railway Systems

  • How wireless industrial Ethernet-based networks that conform to global railway standards

    - meet customer expectations for communication, information and entertainment services
    - provide faster and safer train configuration changes
    - improve reliability by providing real-time performance and diagnostic data

  • The key criteria for successful integration of wireless technology into railway systems

  • A typical wireless network design for a train needing onboard wireless connectivity

  • How high-speed trains, light rail systems, and subway or metro systems all benefit from wireless networking

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From the white paper:

“Wireless technology in industrial transportation settings can help meet customer demands while also delivering uncompromising safety and minimal downtime.”

“Reliability is key in the transportation industry and trains need fail-safe measures in place to keep their industrial network up and running.”

“To ensure passenger trains perform as expected, data collection and monitoring must occur across a range of onboard systems, and increasingly, the data flow does not stop there.”

“Industrial wireless products can play a major role in enhancing the safety of passengers and the security of the train’s network.”