Hirschmann Green Initiatives

The Hirschmann brand has environmental protection at it's heart

As part of our environmental program we undertake to implement concrete measures in order to achieve a continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

Hirschmann Green Initiatives

Product Strategy

Going for green IT

One basic part of the Hirschmann product strategy is Green IT. We set out to make the products we manufacture both durable and modular, offering users maximum flexibility. Because they are built to last, our products do not need to be replaced quickly – and thanks to ongoing software improvements they can be kept up-to-date for longer in the application – avoiding the need for further investments and/or replacements.

Designed to be green

All our latest product families are designed to be green. Our focus on Green IT applies to all products across all the vertical markets we serve, including renewable energy.

Whatever the application, it will deliver the greenest possible performance. For instance, many of our products and systems can be controlled from a remote location, reducing the need to localize applications – reducing CO2 emissions. This is an important requirement in most of our vertical markets.

Requirements for new platforms include green aspects such as: WEEE and low power consumption.

Lean Initiatives

A lean approach to production

Our lean approach to production drives us to identify waste and find new and more efficient processes for the future. As we manufacture exclusively on customer demand, we only expend material and energy on products which have already been ordered. This means no gratuitous devices will be produced, reducing stock and avoiding unnecessary waste.

Reducing material and energy

By strictly applying our continuous lean improvement process, we reduce material and energy consumption to a minimum, meeting the requirements of green production.

The quality level of our products is monitored in a Lean Daily Management approach in order to improve the product quality immediately if necessary. First pass yield is monitored for every product. First pass yield is part of the Lean Daily management and improves initiatives to reduce waste.

Up to 98% of the packaging materials used during the production process are reusable. Further savings on packaging materials are affected by packing multiple orders for the same customer together.

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A green approach from our suppliers

For Hirschmann™ to be green, all its suppliers need to be green as well. Most of our suppliers are ISO 14001 certified. Moreover, 80% of our direct components suppliers are located close to our plant and this means further reductions in the energy consumption for transportation.

Research and Development

Meeting the exact needs of our customers 

Working in close partnerships with customers allows Hirschmann™ create specifications that exactly meet the needs for our customers. By doing this, we can avoid over-engineering and over-production. By having and expanding modular systems and driving them through all business processes, we enable our customers to configure and order those products which are best suited to their needs: so from the very beginning, the customer can configure the product that is best suited to the application. For new product developments we always use latest technologies.


New initiatives

All Hirschmann™ products are created with a long term life expectancy. New products are compatible with those in current applications – so there is no need for a complete exchange every time.


In the unlikely event of a product failure, most Hirschmann™ products can be repaired instead of a total exchange. All products are covered by WEEE and we ensure that all our packaging is fully recyclable.


Minimizing environmental impact

Hirschmann™ only uses materials that meet – or exceed – legal regulations and the specific needs of our customers. During the product development phase, we always consider the ecological impact of our products. This includes their performance according to REACH, RoHS.

We minimize our environmental impact further by using professional development tools and integrated R&D processes. The Hirschmann™ R&D facility uses the latest specialized test equipment and simulation tools, so we can avoid costly and unnecessary transport, production and redesign costs during product development, whilst at the same time reducing our carbon footprint.

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Reduction of CO2 emissions is achieved through fewer re-designs, because we use state-of-the-art parts, as well as EMC and temperature simulations to optimize our designs. Using our own HiTech test and measuring facilities, we save on transportation – and our fully automated measuring equipment reduces testing time, and saves energy. 



Improved power consumption

In the early stages of product development, we look at ecological aspects such as energy and resource consumption as well as the product‘s future disposal. We set out to constantly reduce the energy consumption of our products. To achieve this we use the latest innovations such as new chip technology, thus creating more efficient devices, saving on energy consumption, whilst at the same time offering enhanced features.

By applying higher circuit integration density, our products are able to offer a greater degree of functionality per watt. Where possible we choose for low-energy design, and the development of re-usable modules. Our product portfolio shows a high innovation rate, so our customers benefit from our constant improvements at every new product release.

Expertise and Specialization

An expert and experienced supplier

In addition to its well-established product range, Hirschmann offers a wide range of vendor independent services, which can help to design and implement an economical end-to-end solution. From consulting, to training or support – the Belden Customer Innovation Center is able to deliver a tailor-made service from a single supplier.

Through our structured network planning process, we are able to reduce the amount of material used. We help to avoid over-specification, so that our solutions are not too big or too complex for their specific function – thus avoiding waste.

At the same time, optimization during the operating phase ensures this performance will be maintained, even when conditions change.

Whichever technology you use, our experts will support you all the way. Thanks to our specialist know-how, we are able to help you develop, install and operate the most effective and energy efficient solution. Up-to-date manufacturer’s expertise, an international service network and fast access to external specialists guarantees the best possible support.